Cuban Wedding Traditions

Traditionally, Cuban weddings entail music, bouncing, and strong family unit ties. The ceremony can often be Christian, officiated with a priest. The marriage party may range from 60 to 75 people. Guests are getting token gift items, such as small jewelry or online dating site reviews 1022 clothes. The marriage is usually held in the evening.

The bride’s relatives pays for the marriage. She typically wears a white clothes, which signifies purity and a symbol of happiness. The bridegroom typically dons a darker suit or a Cuban guyabera.

The bride’s family supplies her having a big gift idea. This usually comes with jewelry, a marriage dress, and a new set of shoes. Additionally, it is a sign of good luck just for the newlyweds.

The wedding party usually provides a band. The band can add fun to the get together. Some guests will be given cigars, that happen to be popular in Cuba.

The first flow is one of the most significant traditions within a Cuban wedding ceremony. The majority of families consider the primary dance as the outset of their endorsed romantic relationship. Some lovers choose to choreograph the dance themselves.

Another part of the Cuban wedding is the wedding ceremony feast. The reception is often held at a conventional hotel or chosen landscapes. The food is generally roast rooster with grain and black beans. The feast will likely include fresh fruit and regularity, cakes, chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil.

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The wedding couple often give token products to their friends. These items are usually laces and ribbons adorned with all the names within the bride and groom. These types of gifts are sometimes handmade.

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